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Monday, August 29, 2011


Aug 29, 2011
An excerpt from my letter to President this week:

" I love the mission...if you are willing to put up with me for awhile longer, I would be happy to extend the mission for a few more years... :)"

.... sorry, Mom.

Well, Family (and friends...obvio) on that note, I thank you for your GREAT letters this week! I loved hearing from you all. I just love you guys...(I miss you all too, but we won´t talk too much about that). I am glad to hear that all is well. I love hearing the mission stories, and the adventures of life. Keep up that good work. Be good!

Things are so great here in Rahue. It seems like it has been a pretty slow sector in the past. When I got here there were super poco people to teach. But we are seeing some great progress. This week we found some awesome families! FAMILIES!!!!!!! FAAAMILIIIIIES!!!!!!!! YEay! The mom of one of them, accepted a baptismal date already...in the first visit. She is SO prepared. She is a single mom, with two boys. She is working hard, and has so very much faith. She has been so prepared, it´s just incredible. I am participating in the process of her conversion. Also, we found another family, with mama, papa, and hijo. They are great...we found them yesterday. As we were teaching I asked the Mother, how she has come to have so much faith in her life....She told me all the blessings that she has seen in her life, a few difficulties, and then she just said, “I just believe so much in God.” Her little boy, 6 years old, pipes in..."But Santa Claus doesn´t exist." I busted up laughing. It was soooo funny. I then asked him, "Well, where to the presents come from then?!" His response..."el supermercado." Hahahahaha. But in the end, he and I both agreed that God exists and that he loves us :) SO funny. I am excited to teach this family.

A ver, what else happened this week....OH! I have got to tell you all the coolest thing ever. We are teaching Marcos, right? He is preparing for baptism on the 10th of September. (PLEASE pray for him). We went over to his house on Saturday morning and we were talking about his baptismal plan. He got really excited, and we set the interview date and what not. We closed with a prayer, and then he said "Oh hey, I wanted to show you all something cool…." He pulls out his cell phone and he pokes around on it and then shows me...I see the words "El primer libro de Nefi...." HE HAD DOWNLOADED THE BOOK OF MORMON ON HIS PHONE!!!!!! He was all excited that he would be able to read anytime, anywhere. I was pumped! I gave him a high five, and then was just so excited I gave him another. What a cool thing to see. He´s awesome.

So all is well here in Rahue. We are happy. I hope that you all are found happy and healthy (spiritually and physically). I love you all so, so much.


-Hermana Bertagnole

Oh, and this is for Roddy (hermanito from Ovejeria). He´s reading my blog.-- Hermanito!!!! Estoy super feliz para saber de usted! Que bueno las noticias de su trabajo neuvo aya en Coyaihque...(deletreado mal...proablamente jajaa) Ojala que le vaya super bien en eso. Igual, sigo orando para usted y su familia. Mire, se que la iglesia esta aya en este parte de Chile igual. Busquelo para que puede seguir adelante con su progreso ayi. Conozco algunos miembros aya, y son super buenos. De hecho la Hermana Carolina (from Ovejeria) es de aya. A lo mejor pueda contactarla para poder saber mas de los datos (donde esta, a que hora empieza, etc)....que se yo. Bueno, gracias por escribirme, y siga adelante aya. Hay mucho oportunidades para usted a servir aya. Los santos aya nesicitan muchos buenos lideres y ejemplos tambien, asi que a lo mejor, eso es porque El Senor le mando pro aya. :) Que este super bien, hermanito! Nos vemos!

Ok, Family...I love you guys. Have a great week. Keep those prayers up. Be good!

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