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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I really didn't forget about you.... I promise!

July 25, 2011

Ok, first of all, I did get word from Pres. Maldonado that he talked to my family. First reaction: panic! Second reaction: why? He then explained that you didn´t get my last two letters!? I really hope that you get this one. I am sending them to the same address, so I hope that there is nothing wrong with mine or yours. I forwarded the letter I wrote from 2 weeks ago, and the letter from last week (that I don´t know if you got or not) was very short because the time was very limited. But I hope that you are getting my letters. :( Que triste! I still love you, don´t worry! I haven´t forgotten about you!

Well, on to this week´s letter...

I can feel a change talking place in me every day. I am still (obviously) not perfect, but the desires of my heart have changed and are changing. The Lord´s mission has been the biggest miracle of my life...the biggest learning process, and I just don´t want it to stop. I want to have to push myself to the limit every day. I feel that I am on a quest to obedience. Its sounds really strange, but I have realized things change with obedience. I was telling Hermana Chamorro this morning that every day I feel like the topic I study, without even really trying to, is obedience. I guess that is why it is the 1st law of heaven...everything depends on it. I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for His perfect, flawless, and genius Plan of Salvation...and that fact that I know what it is and I understand a small fraction of it, is something that has changed my eternal existence. How blessed.

Well, things are well here in Volcán. We saw some fantastic miracles yesterday. As we were walking to Church, from the other direction we saw a family that we have been teaching walking up to the gates of the Church. They are fairly recent converts that went inactive due to family problems. We have been working hard with them for quite some time to get the back to church. They finally came! AND THEN...as if that miracle wasn´t enough...behind them came walking one of our investigators, who told us the night before, that she wasn´t going to be able to come to Church...and there she was. My eyes filled with tears at the sight. I was feeling a little discouraged on the walk to church because most of our investigators are out of town or wouldn´t be able to come to Church. Clearly, I was fighting for that faith to see miracles. And there it was. And if those two miracles weren´t enough, after the meeting started in walked an old man that we had contacted and invited to church a few days ago. He said he might come, and we smiled and told him that we´d see him there, but I never in a million years thought I would see him again. He´s an 81 year old man, that is close to blind, close to deaf, and half crippled... and he walked to church, from the other side of town...and that is why he was late. I don´t know if he saw or heard very much at church, but he said that he felt good. What an example he gave to me, and to all the members. Some people act, and others are acted upon, I guess. :)

Another change that has taken place in me this week, as well as gradually throughout the mission, is my thirst for knowledge, and my thirst to know my Savior. And with this thirst brings a huge desire that others can really come to know their Savior through His Atoning Sacrifice. This is a theme that has been occupying my mind a lot this week: how can I come to know my Savior better? If you have any advice or counsel, I would love to hear it. I heard in a talk once that it´s different to know Jesus Christ, than it is to know about Him...I think in the mission we learn so much about Him, we lose track a little bit, of really getting to know Him. This is a life goal of mine...it´s going on the bucket list. :)

Well, that´s all I got...well, at least all I got time for. I am going to send a ton of pictures...or at least try to.

I love you all so much. Thank you for your letters, and your concern for me. Know that I am happy and healthy and working hard. I love you all tons. Mucho mucho mucho mucho. Be good, and you´ll be happy.

Hermana Bertagnole

ps...tell me if you get this please!

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