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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A labor of love

Well family, it´s been another great week of letters. I thank you all for that. I love you all so much. I want you to know how grateful I am for all the support and prayers and love that you all send my way. It means more that you know. Well, the highlights of this week are as follows:

1. We are preparing for the baptism of Marcos this Saturday!!!!!! WAHOOOO! He is great. We are really trying to get him a good strong support group in the church because he found out this week when he told his family, that they are zero happy with him. They aren’t even going to come. SO, he´s taking this step/leap of faith pretty much solo. He´s got us, and a few members that are obviously very happy for him, but no one that is outside of the church. His family won´t even let us come in and teach him, we have to teach him in the members’ homes. But I realized this week that that it has actually been a blessing in disguise, because he´s already got a pretty good relationship with a few of the members because of it. Yay. We are really happy for him.

2. The 3rd of September I turned 18!....well, 18 months old in the mission. Boo... but my comp bought me a Berline to take away some of the pain. :)

3. REMEMBER THESE GUYS?! This is Juan and Paola and Isidora...from Ovejeria!!!! The hermanas told them where I was, and they left their meetings a little early in Ovejeria to come over to Rahue to see me before the meetings got out here! IT WAS AMAZING TO SEE THEM!!!!! They are getting married and then she will be baptized! They have been going to church every week over there. They are just so happy. I don´t know, and they don´t know exactly the dates of the wedding and baptism yet, but I was thinking that it would be SO cool if it was in November when we are going to be here! Oh man, I would just die. I really want to see them when they get sealed as a family, too. Oh, que bakan. I love this family so much. I was SOOOOOO happy to see them.

The other picture I sent you is of me and my compi. Hermana Herbert.

Well, that is pretty much all I have time for. Time flies. I love the mission. I love you. I miss you. Be good. I hope everyone is doing well. Congrats on all the cool stuff that´s been happening! Love you all.

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