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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Eyes wide open!

Aug 1, 2011

How was the week? I hope that it was a great one for you all. We had an awesome week last week. We are working really hard with the members. Ok...we are SO excited about getting this plan into action. Changing the vision of the mission work. We set up a meeting with our ward mission leader (who was menos activo, but now reactivating!), as well as our district president, President Molina, and tonight we are going to meet with our Branch President to put together a plan on how to greaten our vision of missionary work. IT ALL HAS TO DO WITH THE MEMBERS! We had a great meeting with President Molina. I feel like he´s really excited to put a plan together to make some changes. We left his house last night, all smiles! We are praying that we can help all the members catch the vision of every member a missionary. I know that literally the world would change if we followed this commandment as faithfully as we follow the commandment of food storage. I think sometimes we, as members, pick and choose the commandments that we obey. For example..."food storage is easy, so I´ll save a year’s worth of peanut butter in my basement, but the whole ´share the restored gospel of Jesus Christ´ thing is just a little complicated, so I´m going to let someone else keep that commandment."...and that is how we enter casually into disobedience. I did the math yesterday in the morning. If every member of the Church brought one person into the Church every year...the ENTIRE world would be members in 9 years! I feel so inspired by the quotes that are in Preach My Gospel (p. 12) from all the Prophets about the importance of missionary work. Let´s just say that this is our calling, both as missionaries, and members....ok, I better stop there because I feel like I could go on and on about this.
Hey, thanks for all the letters! I am glad that I finally realized what the problem was with the emails...well, it was probably the Spirit that gave me the hint. Hey, I am just super happy here in Villarrica. Things are great, and we are seeing some great progress in the sector. It´s really just turning around. We had 6 investigators in Church yesterday, and 2 of them are already preparing for baptism. We are so excited to help change the vision of the missionary work here. I know that this ward needs this revolution. I know that it is what the Lord would have His saints do. Every time I read or talk about it, it´s just a flood of the Spirit. DO IT! Be part of it!!!!!!!!!! Talk to everyone! Don´t be scared...get over it. The blessings are HUGE. Don´t let fear get in the way of eternal salvation.

We are working hard with a woman and her son. She is pretty much one of my best friends here in Villarrica. She loves us and we love her. She is so awesome. I´ll tell you all about her when the time comes. She´s just a huge miracle...and her little boy is just awesome too. Yesterday in church, he frantically was searching all the scriptures mention in the talks. It was so cute, and he´s good at it too! Pray for them lots please.

We had a great turn out in Church yesterday, as well. We are really seeing some great progress of some of our investigators. Prayers (both theirs and ours) are being answered, and we just couldn´t be happier. We are happy doing the work of the Lord. It´s the best thing ever. I feel so blessed to be able to be a small part of it.

I love you all so much. Thank you to all my friends that are writing me! (Oscar, Roddy, Karin, Steph, Chels, Jimmy, Susie, etc.) I appreciate them all...I am getting them and I am loving them. The sector that I am in right now is a little complicated to send mail, so if I can´t write for awhile I apologize, but know that I love you all and I am thankful for your prayers and support. Stay strong. Be good!

To the family, I just love you all more than life. I thank you infinitely for everything. Be good.


Hermana Bertagnole

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