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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Janelle's April 25 letter

Hey FAM!

This week was a good (and crazy) one. First of all, another belated birthday to Momma. I always remember the birthdays, but after it´s already too late to write. Ugh. Sorry...but at least I remember. I love you, and I hope that it was a special birthday. Also congrats on the graduation Scott Rob! That´s a big step. Atta boy! WHAAAAHOOOOOO! Thanks for the pictures. You looked hot in you graduation robe....keep wearing it around campus and you´ll be hitched in no time ;) Hahaha, muy bien.

Well, also I hope that everyone´s Easter was great. The Easter bunny came to our house, and I must admit that she hid the eggs very much like she hides them in Kansas :)

I guess I had better explain why the letter is late...this Saturday we spent the whole p-day in a little pueblo called Llanquihue...the senior missionaries bought a house there a few years ago, and it is beautiful, so we went there to play for the day. It was way fun, but because we were there all day long, we have to write today.

This week we had our last interviews with President Lovell ... he leaves in the 1st of July, but the way that the interviews fall, these were the last. It makes me so sad seeing him leave the mission, but at least I´ll get to see him and visit him and Hermana Lovell after the mission up in Heber. They are both so great. They´ve become like my family in the mission. I´ve laughed and I´ve cried with them, and I´m just going to miss them a lot.

We had a good week, even though maybe the numbers don´t show it. With the rain and everything it was a little bit tougher to get the members to come out with us, but sometimes the best things happen in the worst weather. We saw some miracles, including one of the investigators that came with us to conference (the guy who has read almost all of the Book of Mormon) accepted a baptismal date yesterday. We are really excited for him. I know that this is something that he has been prepared to receive. I pray that he will make this a priority in his life.

The other young man that we have been teaching is also receiving answers to his prayers, and hasn´t missed a week of church since the conference. For this, he is progressing so quickly. We hope to invite him to be baptized again tonight. I think he will be more prepared to accept it now that he has recognized that he has been receiving answers.


I am so grateful for the power of prayer. I feel that sometimes I personally don´t use it as much as I should or can. I am trying to repent of that and become better. I know that my Father will hear me and answer my prayers, it´s just a matter of having the faith sufficient and the humility to ask.

I love being a missionary. With this cambio being over half over already (they go faster every time), I am still just really trying to focus on loving it ALL. Living with a smile is so valuable, and it´s my goal. I feel happy and I feel the Spirit much more when I do. As Jimmy always used to say (and still does)..."gotta keep showin´ them teef."

I love my companions. We really have a great time together. We laugh lots, love lots, pray lots, and work lots. Perfect.

I love this work. It is so beautiful...and I just can´t say it enough.

Well, I hope that you all have a safe rest of your trip. I love you all tons. And I pray for you lots. Last calls on requests for souvenirs...(Eric, I need your shirt size for the jersey...and what kind you want if you have a preference.)


-Hermana Bertagnole

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