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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Goose Coop

Well, here I am loving my life. I thought that the mission just couldn´t get better...and well it has. I thought I couldn´t get any happier...and well, I am.

Thank you for your letters this week. I had heard that there were tornadoes in the Midwest, but I had no idea how big and how close to home. I am very glad that everyone is ok.

I am loving working in Villarrica. This sector is so special...especially the ward. I feel great love for this ward already. We are, however, very much in the preparatory stage right now. We are really working on finding people to teach that are really going to progress. We are trying to really work with the members so that we get references. We are starting to have a Mormon Movie Night every other Saturday, so that they can invite their friends and we can help investigators get to know the members. This week we watched Mountain of the Lord. I felt the Spirit very strong...a great spirit of gratitude to the pioneers that built that. Our eternal family just happens to be a result of that 40 years of sweat and tears.

As far as the work goes, we are trying to get everyone to Church. We have one young woman that is just amazing. She is 14 and she comes to church every week. She wants to be baptized, but hasn´t been able to get permission from her dad for over 2 years. This Sunday, we invited the youth group here to fast with us next week in behalf of her, so that she will be able to get permission to be baptized. I think it will be a great experience for her and the youth, because I think that very few of them have ever fasted before. It will teach them something very special and I know that we will be seeing some miracles. Please pray for her. She´s way special.

Well, if you´re wondering why the subject line is written in code...you might just be happy to know that my companion really came through in the nickname factor. PURE INSPIRATION. So remember that I said she´s the real life version of Marissa Cooper...but much much, much more wholesome and pure. Well, anyway...I call her Coop. She felt bad that she didn´t have as cool of a nickname for me, until one day, it hit her and she said to me, "talk to me...GOOSE! Goose! You´re Goose! Like from Top Gun!"....Let me just say, I am honored. So now we are known, amongst at least the two of us, and now you all, as the Goose Coop. (Like chicken coop, but of geese). Ok, so she and I are cracking up about this right now, as I hope that maybe you are too, but if not, you just have to be here. Oh, the joys of having a compi in the mission that at the same time is your best friend. We laugh lots together.

Well, again this is a short letter...sorry. Time just really flies while I am in Internet. Pictures next week!

I LOVE YOU ALL A LOT!!!!!!!!! Be good. Read and pray every day. Don´t forget to do the small stuff....it´s the most important.

-Love you.
Hermana Bertagnole

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