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Monday, May 2, 2011

April 30, 2011
Hey family:

It´s good to hear that all is well.

Well, before I forget, we need to get the MOTHER´S DAY PHONE CALL (!!!!!!!) sorted out...p.s. I am so excited! The time zone will be changing here on the 7th of May, and you all can call on the 8th, but I am not exactly sure what the time difference will be. I am pretty sure that the hour is going to move forward an hour on the 7th. The plan right now between us three hermanas right now is that you all can call on the 8th (Sunday) at 7:00pm in Chile...now, what time that is in Kansas, I have no idea...sorry. You´ll have to do the math. But if there is a problem with that schedule, let me know por FAVOR! :) I wanna talk :)

Well, that´s that. On to the BIG news this week! We had some great miracles this week. One of our investigators that was waiting answers to his prayers, got them, and is preparing for a baptism the 14th of May!!!!!!! I am so excited! He said that he received answers to his prayers as he was following the word of wisdom. He went out this week with some friend and they offered him alcohol, and he drank juice instead. He said it was that night that his eyes were opened in the difference between those that live the Gospel, and those that don´t. He said he went home so happy. That night he said as he reread the Word of Wisdom pamphlet, he said he felt it was true, and then he felt a mini earthquake (they call them temblors). Hahah. He said that only confirmed it. Haha. He is really progressing well. He will be fasting this week with us, and I know that he will be a very faithful member. We are starting to teach his mom and sister, little by little. They are also really great.

Also, we have had some great references this week from members. One in specific is a younger woman who is the fiancé of a menos activo in the ward. She is really going to be progressing quickly. I can tell. She has come to church last week and will be coming this week too. She is just so great. She cried in the lesson about the Restoration. She said that she has felt the confusion just like Joseph Smith. She said that we can’t teach her in her house because of other family members, but we got to teach in the house of the members, and I think that made the spirit even stronger. Blessings in disguise.

Also this week our ex-testigo investigator told us that she wants to be baptized (!!!!!!!!!!) and be an active part of the church!! SUCH a big step for her. As a companionship we gave them a Hymnal, and then I gave her a set of scriptures ...she cried. She said "Que cosa mas bonita...". She said that she has been needing a lot of this lately. I look up to her a lot. She is a very strong and faithful woman. Love this family.

I am so, so, so happy to see the progress that has been happening in this sector. It seems that so much has all come together this week.

We feel very blessed. We are very happy.

We are still working on maintaining the unity in the companionship. Everything is a lot different in a trio than in a duo....but I like it a lot. I can feel the work progressing. We are doing lots of divisions with the hermanas, and it helps them get excited for the work as well, so it´s been great.

Well, that´s it for this week. I love you guys tons. Please pray for our investigators. They need the prayers so much.

(p.s. I found out that our investigator from Punta Arenas, the one that was atheist, just got baptized this last weekend. How cool is that?! I love the mission.)


-Hermana Bertagnole

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