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Monday, June 6, 2011


June 6, 2011
Ok family,

First of all I want to thank you all sooooo much for all your birthday greetings and treats...Mom and Dad, I got your package...I LOVE THE SLIPPERS (you´re right they are like walking on clouds...heavenly clouds), and my compi and I REALLY enjoyed your cinnamon bears...mmmm mmmm good. Thank you very much. And thank you mom and dad and grandma for putting money in my account. That is so GREAT! I love you all and thank you so much. My comps birthday is the 16th so we will be having a "party week" and hopefully celebrating with a baptism and lots of success and hard work.

Just of few of the many miracles that we have seen is that we have found SEVEN (!!!!!!!!!) people in our sector who have accepted to prepare for a baptism. We are, needless to say, very excited with this. We focused a lot this week on getting them to church...and we are going to continue to focus on getting them all to Church this week. I know that we are going to keep seeing miracles in the work here. The branch is just incredible. I am blown away every week by their faith. These Saints here have many desafios, but they just keep fighting. They are amazing to me...they are miracles for me. For example: we and all the youth here fasted this week for a special purpose that a young woman who is 14, can receive the permission of her father to be baptized. She has investigated the Church for many years now, maybe I told you about her. She has begun attending seminary every morning and she goes to Church every week, but her father won´t give her permission to be baptized. We have been teaching her, practicing with her, fasting and praying for her, and we are waiting to see what will happen. The Youth have really made her part of their family. The youth group here is so tight...they are literally like brothers and sisters. I love sharing with them. This week we taught seminary early in the morning, and it was so powerful to see them all in the church at 6:30 am in the morning! So faithful. So valiant.

We should find out today or tomorrow what will happen with her. Please pray that it will go well. But the best part is that for almost all of these kids in the youth group, they have gained a huge testimony of fasting. You should have heard their testimonies in sacrament meeting...so powerful.

Well, the work is really pushing forward here in Villarrica, and Hermana Gebara and I just couldn´t be happier. There are just miracles happening everywhere. (we found a young man yesterday, that is so golden that it just made my jaw drop). SO MANY. WE are exercising a ton of faith, obedience, just a lot of pounding the pavement! I have never been happier in the work.

Thank you for your prayers and your love for me. I am praying and loving you guys more every day. I hope that all is well.


-Hermana Bertagnole

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