Janelle's e-mails to her family

Monday, September 19, 2011


Well, to start off, I´ll just let you know, I thank you for your letters this week. I had every intention of reading them to respond to them, but I started crying, so I´m going to print them off and read them when I get home. (I´m turning into a cry ball like mom. :) Hahaha. Oh geeze. I think I have become more like Mom and Dad, more than ever in the mission! It frightens me sometimes when I say something, and then I think to myself..."that is exactly what Dad would say to me...." Hahaha.

Well, anyway. I just gotta tell you all how very much I love you. I thank you with everything that I have for all that you have done for me in making this possible for me. Thank you for your prayers, and your letters, and your support. I love you all so much. Can´t wait to see you all.

Mom and Dad. I love you. Thank you for everything. I can´t wait to give you both a huge hug. I have missed you both a lot, and I am excited to talk to you all about the great things I have learned. Thank you for all of it. I love you more than I am even able to say. (Dangit I can´t stop crying! que vergúenza! shoot!) Yeah, but anyway...I just love you a lot, ok?

It didn´t set in until yesterday that the mission here in Chile is coming to an end. While I am very happy to see you all, it´s been hard to leave my beloved Chile. I am unable to express really what or how I am feeling right now. My heart is heavy, but at the same time so very full of gratitude for this, the biggest miracle in my life. What I feel is overwhelming...the love of my Heavenly Father. I know He lives. His Son Jesus Christ lives. I want to tell the world. I want to tell them of the boy Joseph that prayed in faith and received an answer. I want to tell them of the Restored Gospel and eternal families. I want to invite the world to read the Book of Mormon, and let it change their existence. I am so grateful that the Lord will still bless me with tons of opportunities to share His Gospel. I am grateful that the mission doesn´t end here. I am just sad that it won´t be in Chile anymore. These people are incredible. I want you all to know them, and learn from them as much as I have. They´re miracles, I will miss them so very much.

Well, enough of this mushy stuff. We got a lot to do, and if I do it crying, it won´t be very graceful. :) I love you all so much. See you soon. Wow. See you so very soon.


your daughter and your missionary,

Hermana Bertagnole

p.s. we had a very great 18 de septiembre...I´ll show you all the picts when I get home.

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