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Saturday, April 16, 2011

We are in a trio now!!!!

Hey family,

The big news this week is that we are in a trio now. I am still with mi hija, Hna Hunt, but we got another new Hermanita from Honduras. She isn´t brand new, but this is only her second sector, so she is still pretty new. But it is so nice to have her. We are getting a ton of work done. Every time we have a member come out with us (a sister from the ward) we can do divisions! AWESOME! We are working hard and loving the work. The first week of trios has just been great!!!! I am not going to lie, I was really a little bit nervous. I prayed for strength and more faith, and I received peace. These last couple days with Hermana Hunt and Hermana Turcios have been great. We are getting a lot of work done. The days are flying, and I am really trying to focus on making every second count and be memorable. I don´t like when the days just blur into weeks..which I feel like happens a lot. There are so many miracles that happen around me, I just want to make sure that I am recognizing each and every one of them. I know there are miracles that are happening that maybe I´ll never know about as well. I have seen the hand of the Lord so much.

We have some great people that we are teaching. The people that we had at Conference are just progressing like crazy. The family that we brought are great. The father is the son of a very faithful member in Franke (another ward in the stake). I got to meet his mom at Gen conference. She was SO nice, and so happy to see us. The son has been inactive since he left for college almost 40 years ago. He is active and participating in the Church now. His wife isn´t a member but she comes to Church with him and their daughter every week. They are so great. It´s so refreshing to teach them.

Also we had two new investigators attend the Conference. They are both so great and so interested. They are progressing very well. They have such a conviction to know the truth. One has already read half of the Book of Mormon...and apologizes that he hasn´t finished it already! So great. We are focusing on the power of prayer with the both of them so that they can receive powerful answers. Our meta is to put them with fecha this week; help them to really take hold of the vision, and the plan of our Heavenly Father.

I am learning to be more bold. I feel the Spirit more when I do so. I know that we share a strong and powerful message, and I have learned that that is how it needs to be shared. With faith and confidence. Sometimes when you love people, it´s better to just tell them what´s up, than trying to do things suavecito....:) Palos con amor digamos. And it is always received well when it is done with love...and I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!

I am loving working with Hermana Hunt and Turcios. I can see Hermana Hunt just progress so much every day. Hermana Turcios has such a strong testimony and a quiet but very powerful presence. I feel a strong love and admiration for her already. I can tell she will be a very dear companion for me. She reminds me a little of my momma Aponte. Hermana Turcious has quite the story. Very strong hermanita. It´s a priveledge to walk along side her.

Well, I am trying to be like Jesus. I hope you all are doing the same. If we apply what we all learned in primary...we will be the happiest people on earth.

I love you all so much. Thank you for your letters. Sorry I forgot to tell Eric and Stephy HAPPY BIRTHDAY last P.day, but know that when the day of your birthdays came...I was aware and thinking of you 

Read your scriptures everyday (personally and as family), pray sincerely (personally and as family), and have a Family Home Evening every week...(even if your kids aren´t home). I love you all so much...if you don´t do it...I will have to give you all palos con amor when I get back...I mean it :) Love you!!!!!!

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