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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Janelle's March 26 letter


AWESOME about the story of the angel Moroni!!!! I can´t believe the temple is so far along!!!! I just got SO excited to hear that! COOL experience. That one better go in everyone´s journal. Well, also I hope that everyone is enjoying life in the good ol´ USA...I heard that Obama was here in Chile this week. Go figure...he didn´t even come say hi to his midwest homegirl...how rude. Oh well, I am over it. Anyway, loved seeing the picutres and hearing your news this week. Thank you! Also, I got the scripture stickers you sent...THANK YOU!!!! I was to the point where I could only mark the really, really good scriptures...and that´s just not right to play favorites like that. Thank you. I love you. My bishop said next time you send a package he wants beef jerky :) Hahahaha. ew. He had one too many gringo comps in the mission, I think.

I am sending a picture of the best family EVER! He is/was a menos activo for almost 40 years and she was a missionary for the Testigos de Jehova, and that´s how she met him. What a love story, eh? They are so great. They have started coming every Sunday. Bishop gave them the Our Legacy book and they have both read it almost all the way through! She liked it a lot. We had a really powerful lesson with them this week. We talked about baptism. They are the ones that I bought the BOM, BIBLE, HYMNAL, and Children´s scripture study (like we had when we were kids!!!!). I love this family. Please pray for them and another family that we are teaching They both need lots of prayers. Thank you.

Hermana Hunt and I are working hard here in Ovejeria. I feel so blessed to have such great support of our ward, and especially our Bishop. I know that all missionaries have problems with members falling through, and we have experienced that a little this week, but I still feel so blessed to have their support in the work. I know that they have the best intentions in the world to help us and go out with us, but life just gets in the way sometimes. I understand that. We had a great Noche de Hogar as a ward last night. It was fantastic. The importance of avoiding gossip. So good. I hope that it will be a reminder to all the members so that we avoid potential problems in the ward. We had a great turn out.

This Sunday we are hoping and praying for another great turn out of investigators in Sacrament meeting. We are working hard to make sure that they all get there. We are trying to get the members involved to give them an added push. Obviously the members make more of a difference than we do. Please pray for us!!!!!!!! We are trying to get a couple families to church, as well as a young woman that we are teaching.

Hermana Hunt is progressing well. She feels bad sometimes about her Spanish, but I keep telling her that she is progressing every day. I know she feels bad when people can´t understand her...I remember that. I remember how it was...and still is sometimes, but I know that it doesn´t matter as much when we teach with the Spirit. We are trying to really do things right here. It´s hard...and impossible to be perfect...in the mission or out. We always teach our investigators, that it´s ok if they are not perfect, but as long as they are trying their best...we teach them that glorious message of the Atonement, but sometimes I think we forget it as missionaries. Just because we are missionaries doesn´t mean that we are perfect...we just have to give it all we have. I am learning a lot of patience, and a lot of faith. I love the work. It is beautiful and inspired.

I am loving life as a missionary. What more can I say...it´s just so great.

Oh and just so you know...NEXT WEEK IS PDAY ON FRIDAY...because of conference....so if you´re going to write me (and I hope you do ) write before Friday, por favor.

I love you all, I hope you are all having a great week.


ALso read your BOM and pray every day...don´t get lazy on the small and simple things...that´s what brings salvation. If we don´t do it, we put our salvation at risk.

Welp, with that being said. I love you all so much. Don´t you ever go forgetting that. I love you and think of you and pray for you all so often. Thank you for existing.


Hermana Bertagnole

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