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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feb 5, 2011
Hello familia bonita:

I CAN´T TELL YOU HOW GREAT THIS WEEK HAS BEEN. So remember that I was telling you all about the standard this last week. It´s the standard of excellence for all the companionships in the mission...it´s a very high standard, but it is what the Lord asks of us. We have pushed ourselves and our members to the limit this week, and I am so happy to say that we have almost met it!!!!! Obviously we still have today and tomorrow...we are working very hard and praying very hard that we get the people with baptismal dates to church...everyone really, but especially them. We´ll see how it goes. PLEASE pray for our investigators. There is a couple that is preparing for baptism, but they need to get married first. I know that if they start coming to church again, they will receive direction on what they need to do and when. Also PLEASE pray hard for the mom and sister of a young man who got baptized a few years ago and then served a mission. He is now sealed in the temple and is living in Santiago with his wife. His family has been investigating the Church for over 20 years, and we have started teaching them again. Yesterday we had a very serious talk with them about why they haven´t gotten baptized. We asked the mom if she believed that everything is true. She said she believed it in her head, but she hasn´t felt it in her heart........the woman has a painting of the 1st vision in her living room......just so you know. We explained the importance of prayer. Luckily we had an RM member with us that bore a powerful testimony of prayer, and we invited her and her daughter to prepare for baptism on the 5th of March. She said that she would really pray about it. Please pray for her that she will let her heart be touched. They need to get baptized so badly...this whole family.

We have just had a week full of miracles and blessings from the Lord. We feel very blessed to say that we are getting very close to the standard! This last Sunday for the 5th Sunday, all the RS and Priesthood met together. We took the opportunity to make them aware of the change in standard, and to remind them that the standards don´t only apply to us as missionaries, but it was the Lord requires of them as a ward as well. I feel that it touched their heart. We also organized divisions this week with some really great hermanas in the ward. As of today we have 16 lessons with members. I just can´t tell you what a miracle week this has been in the mission. I feel like it all had to do with a change in attitude and a leap of faith. I know that we are seeing this success because we changed our attitude about the work. This week the work has truly ceased to become "work", even though we are working harder than ever. I am just so happy, and I really know that it doesn´t have as much to do with the success that we have seen this week, but more with my attitude. I feel so very blessed. We have seen pure miracles this week. It has just been incredible.

We, as a mission have been focusing more on families!!!!!! AMEN! We are working with a lot of whole families in our sector right now, which is such a blessing. I know that it is so much more effective. We are working with this family...I think I already talked about them... and their 3 kids, and their son´s girlfriend. They also have shared lots with the missionaries many years before. Both of them have family that is very strong in the Church, and so they already know a lot, but I don´t feel that they have ever taken the time to really pray about it. We invited them very strongly to pray about it every day, until they know. It was a great lesson. They are very special.

Gosh. This week was just pure miracles. I love being a servant of the Lord, every second of everyday. What a blessing.

Well, this is all I have time for this week. I just want to let you all know that I love you a ton. I am so grateful for all that you do for me. I love you all. Work hard. Share the Gospel. Be obedient. And love one another.

--Les amo hasta la luna...no...el sol...hasta el sol...y mas. :)

Hermana Bertagnole

Side notes: As far as the Christmas packages go....I still haven´t gotten Mom and Dad´s, but I asked in the office and they said that some mail was held up in Chile because of strikes. These people do strikes like crazy here. There was another one this week in Osorno. Anyway. They said that it will come. They have never lost mail, don´t worry, I´ll be pleasantly surprised one day. I did get a package from Steph, so thank her for me.

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