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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Finishing up another cambio

Hello Familia bonita,

Well, I have lots of news for you all. I have decided to stay in Chile as long as possible. Asi que, I am going to stay through the September cambio, so that means that I will have to start school in January...I hope that you won´t mind too much my company for a few more months before school starts! I just feel like I can´t give away even a few weeks of the mission just to go to school. I have been and will be going to school for a long time, and the mission is just WAY to short as it is, so I just can´t do it. I love it too much and I am just too happy. There´s too much work to do here anyway. Tell all the Latin sisters in the ward that they are going to have to help me adjust back to Church meetings in English....ewww que trunky.

The other pretty big news, is I found out that I will be training this next cambio...?!?!?!?!?!?! We dropped by the mission home this morning and the President put his arm around my shoulders and asked me, "How do you feel about training?" I am so excited and really nervous at the same time. I know that so much of the type of missionary you are depends on your first few months in the mission...and so much of that depends on your trainer. I feel so blessed to have a great trainer, Hermana Aponte, and I know that thanks to her and the lessons that she taught me, I got off on the right foot. I hope and pray that I will be able to help this little nuevita, Hermanita Hunt really start her mission running. I am excited to get to train her and become her mama in the mission. PRAY FOR ME AND HER. Please. This will be such an important next few months for her and me. I am nervous...but excited. I have lots of good ideas that I hope will help her.

We have had a great week this week. We had divisions on Monday. It was great. We had everything set up again for Wednesday, but one of the sisters bailed on us; but we have another set of divisions set up for this Sunday...tomorrow. I am excited. I love divisions with the sisters in the Relief Society...I feel like we just get so much more done. I know that with training, we won´t be able to do them much, but it was fun while it lasted this cambio. It gets so much more work done. Time is so precious here. Always too fast. I know that it is really helping to have the missionary spirit just come alive in the ward. I can tell a difference in the ward the last couple of weeks. We have gotten a couple of really good references from the members, and one of them will be coming to the conference tomorrow! He´s a blind man. We taught him for the first time yesterday, but he is just great. The best part is that he wanted his son to read him a chapter in the Book of Mormon for him...that´s like hitting two birds with one stone! I can´t help but think of the deaf women that we taught in Punta Arenas, and I know that while being blind or deaf would be such a challenge, when it comes to learning the Gospel and feeling the Spirit, they have such an advantage over us. They just pay more attention to their feelings, instead of the distractions of the world. It is just amazing to me. I am really excited to keep visiting this man and his kids.

We have had a really great cambio. I am sad for Hermana Baum to leave. We have had such a great time together. It has just flown by though. Every cambio goes faster, and I already know the next one will feel like it´s only a few hours long!

I got the Valentine package you sent! Thank you so much. It made my day. I am trying to hide the candy from myself so I don´t eat it all at once. One of my Zone leaders knew and loved Fruit Medley...so I had to hide it from them too. Thank you! As far as the Christmas package goes, we´ll have to just wait and see... But thanks.

Other news...I am getting ready for winter so I am buying a nice umbrella ($20) that will hold up and I am finally getting around to buying that rain jacket ($70) that I told you about back in Chiloe...once I got to P. Arenas, I didn’t need it, but I think now that I am back in Osorno...I will need it pretty bad.

I am so happy. I just can´t believe that I have been given such a great blessing of being in the mission. Every day I wake up and I just kinda smile to myself. It all feels like a dream. I feel so blessed. I love it. I can´t even tell you how much...it´s impossible.

Thank you for your letters and your love. I miss you guys, but I pray for you all every day.

-Abrazos grandes

Hermana Bertagnole

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