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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Today we walked through the jungle

Feb 12, 2011

Thank you all for all your letters this week. I love you guys tons. I hope that everything continues to go well this next week. It sounds like you all had a pretty good week. Tell Mikey and Val and the boys "hi" for me while you´re out there. Tell Scott that I’m praying for him lots. I love that kid. I love you all lots and lots and lots.

As for the earthquake, I didn´t even know about it until I read your letters. Don´t worry, we have emergency packs ready, just in case of earthquakes. I know that we are protected, and if we do get one down here, it´ll just be another adventure to write home about. We´re safe.

This week was another really good week. I feel so blessed to be a missionary. I just can´t believe the great privilege that it is in my life. I am changed. I am addicted. I am the happiest I have ever been. We are really working hard helping those that we are teaching to progress. Life just really gets in the way...I hope that you all are remembering why it is, really, that we live in this earth. Always make sure that you have your priorities straight. I realized that before the mission I wasn´t even close to having my priorities straight. I always say that the mission is a miracle in my life...and that is one of the reasons...I feel that it has opened my eyes to the reality of life. It´s beautiful and so inspiring. I can´t imagine my life without the mission....I don´t want to.

This week we had Elder Amado and Pte Lovell in our Zone Conference....It was intense. Elder Amado is the area 70. He is very well known for telling things like it is. He pretty much called us all to repentance. As a mission we had 28 baptisms last month...we should have around 80. I think more than anything as a mission we lack a lot of faith. There is beauty in blind faith. I think a lot of times we say "I will go and do....but...the sector is a tough one...but...the people aren´t receptive...but...I can´t take away their agency...." We are happy to "go" but we don´t really believe that we can make a difference. I know I have certainly felt like that before on the mission and it is so wrong. Obviously, with our own efforts we can do very little, but we have to have faith in what we can accomplish with the Lord. We are on His team, and we can be part of the miracles. I am really trying to learn that pure and impeccable faith in the Lord. After the trial of faith, we see miracles.

Well, that´s all I got time for. I´m printing your letters and reading them this afternoon. I don´t have time to respond to much this week. Sorry. I´ll try and do better next week. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. Thank you for everything. Hugs all around.

The pictures are from a waterfall that we went to this week. So incredible. I love Chile. Come.

--All my love--

Hermana Bertagnole

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