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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy all saints day!

Hey there everybody,

I hope that this letter finds you all very happy and healthy. Thanks for all your letters that you all sent. I love you all tons. Oh, just so you know, Scott...they are playing Muse in the Internet cafe that I am at right now...:) Just thought I would let you know that I´m jamming to it as much as I can as a missionary. A tender Babalonian mercy.

Well, as far as news this week. Again, it was a really tough week as far as numbers go. I think we broke the record for the lowest numbers in the history of the mission Chile Osorno... (not really, but I feel like it.) I know that the numbers are not important, but for me it´s the idea that there are children of God, and Spirit-filled lessons behind everyone of those numbers. That´s what kills me. But you know I am satisfied with our effort this week. We had members, we had citas, we worked hard, it´s just when we got to the doors, no one let us in. But don´t worry, we are keeping our animo up, we rescheduled a lot of the citas for this week, and I know that we are going to see miracles this week. I hope that we are learning what the Lord has prepared for us to learn. I feel that I am learning a lot of patience this cambio. I am trying to develop more faith and sensitivity to the Spirit. I really am putting into practice what Mom always taught us, "you can chose to pout and feel bad for yourself, or you can chose to get up, get to work, put a smile on your face, and get to work." I am choosing the latter, and it´s made all the difference. Obviously, I am going to try and do even better this week to improve, but I am excited and hopeful that all will be wonderful.

Not a whole lot else to report. Mom asked for my direction: Manuel Aguilar 310 interior. Look it up on Google Earth for now, I´ll try and send pictures next week. The pictures I sent this week are from our activity this morning that we did. All Saints Day is when everyone goes to the cemetery and does the flowers on the grave thing. We went and did contacts there with the stake youth group. It was cool. It was neat to go to the famous cemetery on such a cool day (you can see in the pictures, that I am beginning to not care so much about my hair, make-up, or clothes...que verguenza).

Anyway, don´t have much time to write more. I promise to write more next week. I LOVE YOU ALL TONS AND TONS AND TONS. Take care this week. Love you.

---Hermana Bertagnole

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