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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Remember I said there were penguins on my mission.... I wasn't lying.

Nov 15, 2010
I cannot believe that this is the last full week of this cambio. Time is flying by so fast it really scares me. But we are happy here in el gran sector Magallanes. We are learning a lot. A lot of patience and gratitude. I feel like I have grown more in this cambio than any other. I think it´s because it has been the hardest cambio yet for me, but I know that there is a purpose for it all. I have seen it time and time again this cambio. It´s turning into a sacred treasure for me--these experiences and challenges.

We are finding a lot of nuevos, and we are working on trying to prepare them to become real investigators who can feel the Spirit of the message, and who can progress. I have faith that the Lord has already, or is preparing many of them to receive this. I am noticing that we are seeing a lot of small miracles recently. They are tender mercies for me. I feel that sometimes we aren´t seeing much progress with some investigators and with some of the members, but I am learning to have patience in the Lord`s timing and plan. I just hope that I am learning and helping others learn what the Lord has planned. Sometimes it does scare me that I am not accomplishing what needs to be done, or I am not doing it effectively enough. I am learning a lot of patience with myself. I want so badly to just be an effective missionary, but I have to accept the fact that I´m not perfect either. I am learning and growing just like those that we teach. I just pray that the Lord is content with my efforts. I can feel His patience with my imperfections. I know that He loves me. I am trying to do better for Him and His children. There is always more to improve. Patience....patience....

This week was a good one. We found some great people. We still haven´t been able to find a previous contact that we are looking for, and that kills me, but I hope that one day we will find them again, or that some other lucky missionaries will. I hope that if that´s the case, that we have left them better prepared to receive more. We are trying to work more with the members. Every week fewer and fewer people come to church. We missionaries can only do so many visits every week. We are trying to get support to do more activities here with the members to help them build unity. We are trying to work with the members more so that we can begin to see progress as a ward. BUT WE ARE HAPPY!!!. I am learning to just say it like it is...I probably don´t sugar coat things as much as I should anymore. There´s just no time for sugar coating :) Hahaha...one thing I have learned.

I am so, so glad that everyone is doing so well at home. Que bakan. I love you all so much. I am so grateful for your prayers and support. They mean the world to me. I just can´t believe that it has been a year since I got my mission call. How crazy is that! It is funny, Mom wrote and said, “ Just saw your October 2009 mission call video on the computer and we got to relive the exciting moment when you opened your mission call and were speechless with excitement. Hope it has been every bit as exciting as what you had anticipated over a year ago." I just sat here and thought about it and shed a few tears here in internet...this has all just been a dream. It´s all been so perfect. I had no idea a year ago what serving a mission means...I´m still learning. It just really means everything to me. I can´t express it. But it is just all so beautiful. Especially the hard parts...the refiner´s fires. They are so perfect. So planned. So exactly what we need. I know that this Church is true, and I know that I am so exceptionally blessed to be trusted to share it with others. I know that the Lord is in the smallest details of our lives. I am so grateful for that knowledge. I am so grateful for you all. I hope you all know how much I love you....well, I don´t think you really know how much, but it´s a heck of a lot. Thank you for making this possible for me. I am forever in your debt. I love you all tons. I hope everyone continues to progress...in health and happiness.

Sorry there wasn´t a lot of details in this letter...just a lot about what I am learning. Just a lot of the themes of my heart. Umm....I have a talk that I want you all to read. It´s called "Crying with the Saints" by Glenn L. Pace. If someone could send it to me in Spanish that would be very much appreciated. Thank you...and read it. So inspired.

Also....side note to all friends and family: You can email church and Christmas music to my email account here. Do it :) No but really...

Abrazos all around.

Su hija, hermanita, y amiga,

-Hermana Bertagnole

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