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Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm at the 8th month in the mission

Nov 8, 2010

How is everybody. Thank you so much for all the letters. I love you guys, and from what it sounds like everyone is doing pretty well. That makes me so happy. You all have no idea.

This week we had Zone conference and because we are so far away, we had capacitation the next day. It was so great. Many things that we need to work on. I am excited to make these changes in teaching. We are trying to focus more on teaching people rather than lessons. It´s hard sometimes, but it is so much more inspired and effective. Sometimes it´s hard to know what people need, and teach to that need. But it´s just a matter of trying to pay more attention to the Spirit.

We had a great week this week. We found a lot of new people to teach which is so great. We are still hurting with the fact that a lot of citas fall through every day, but we are learning to just work around that and make the miracles happen. I know that we are directed by the Lord. I need to develop more faith in that. I LOVE the learning and growing experiences in the mission. This cambio I have been learning a lot of patience. I never really thought that I was an impatient person, but I am learning that I am. Also I am learning that I need to have more pure charity for others. Oh, so much to work on. The beauty of the mission, I think, is the fact that we are all trying so hard to be perfect, that it just kills us when we aren´t. That leads to growth, repentance, forgiveness, and miracles. I love it. It´s so hard, but I love it. I think I love it because it´s hard. It means more to me.

One tough thing that happened this week was we haven´t been able to find one of our contacts. She is our most promising investigator right now. She is, de verdad, incredible. We don´t know what happened. She has kind of a rough life, so we are really worried about her. We pass by almost everyday, and she´s never home. Please pray for her. She needs the presence of the Spirit so badly in her life. I´ll let you know what happens this next week with her.

What else happened this week....OH!!!! Well, I am officially a legitimate missionary. On my 8th month mark, I got bit by a dog. Yeah, it hurt, but I´m good. It looks a lot uglier now because it´s all bruised and what not, but I´m sending you a picture of it. Actually, it doesn´t hurt at all anymore, but it looks like it hurts a lot. Don´t worry, it doesn´t. And don´t worry, the dog doesn´t have rabies. So,. yeah. Just thought I would let you know, because I think it´s pretty funny, and cliche. I HATE DOGS.

Oh, the other picture is with president. We (the elders) had an ugly tie contest...they were very fea corbatas.

Gosh, I love you guys tons and tons. I hope you have a great week.

Abrazos all around! I miss you guys lots.

-Hermana Bertagnole

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