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Thursday, October 28, 2010

First week of my fifth cambio in the mission... que rapido el tiempo!

Hey beautiful family of mine,

We are off to kind of a slow start for the cambio. But that is to be expected as we didn´t really get to start a full day of work until Thursday, but still it was a little frustrating. But it´s all good. As all the Chileans say "es lo que hay". I am excited to start the week fresh and new. I am trying to learn a lot these next two cambios. I think it is going to be a huge learning experience. Learning a lot of Spanish, humility, and patience. The Lord blesses us when we try our best. I know that already, I just have to have a prayer in my heart that He will help me remember that always. I am learning a lot, as I try and keep my attitude right. I keep reminding myself what mom always taught us that your life turns out just like your attitude. I am trying to just love every second of it. Even the tough ones. :)

It´s a blessing to work with Hermana Campos. I am learning a lot. Sometimes, it can be hard to change companions, and adjust to a new one, but I am learning a lot. She has a lot of animo, and she´ll be good for the ward here. I am realizing how little Spanish I actually know. I am trying to keep my confidence up and be patient with myself. I know that I am growing closer to my Heavenly Father as I try my best to complete the work that He has prepared for me.

We are still trying to focus on working with the members here to strengthen the ward. We were in Ward Council yesterday, and it seems everyone is kind of down on the animo, as assistance is gradually going down and down. We are really trying to work hard to help everyone have more animo. The leaders need a lot of support.

We are teaching a woman named Alejandra and her little boy Pablo. They are miracles for me. Pablo is 9 years old and he told us the other day that he wants to be a missionary. He wants to be an angel to other people and teach them about Jesus. They both really want to get baptized. He told us that since we have been teaching him, he is doing better in school and behaving better too. He told his teacher that he has two tias (aunts literally, but that is what they all call us here...well they call everyone that they are semi close with aunt and uncle) that come to his house and teach him about Jesus. He is so sweet. His mom came to Church this week and really liked it. I really hope everything works out well so that they can enter the waters of baptism. I know that the Lord is and has prepared them both. It is so cool to see them grasp on to the Gospel. Their lives are changing. It´s neat to see it first-hand.

Gosh I just love being a missionary. I love learning these lessons and I love seeing these miracles.

Yesterday we contacted a girl from Canada named Michelle. She was SO great. She´s teaching English as a volunteer down here. I was talking to her in English...and I ended up just apologizing to her about how bad my English is! Hahahahah, she just laughed. I can´t speak well in English anymore. I have to think about it so much. It was the weirdest feeling ever. She was great though, so cool.

Welp, that´s all I have time for. I love you all more than you´ll ever know. Tell everyone thanks for their emails. It´s always so great to hear from you all. LOVE YOU ALL TONS.


--Hermana Bertagnole

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