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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Travel Plans Are Here, and I'm Off Monday

Well family, the time has arrived for me to start my goodbyes at the MTC...or in Spanish the CCM. I can't believe the time is at hand! When we got our travel plans this week I was so nervous to leave and head out, but now I'm getting really excited. I have a big to-do list but I'm getting things done one by one. I can't check my email until my p-day in Chile, so dear elder me anything that I'll need to have before I leave. Gracias! Anyway here are the travel plans:

May 3rd:
6am: MTC travel office and leave MTC.
9:51 am: Leave SLC airport
10:47 am: Arrive in LA, California
1:20 pm: Leave LA

May 4th:
5:25am: Land in Santiago, Chile
10:35 am: Leave Santiago
12:10 pm: Land in Osorno!!!!

There you have it! I"m excited to say the least. The time has absolutely flown by here at the MTC. And I can't believe it's over! I guess that just goes to show that you have to make the time on the mission count, because it goes by so fast.

This week we got a new district. All elders, so that still makes us the only hermanas left. I think our district presidency's wives are really mourning that fact that they will be the only females in Sacrament meeting and RS for awhile. We love them. They're so nice! Anyway, Mom you asked about pranks. I know that the elders have pulled pranks on other elders in their hall, for example oral gel in toothpaste so after they brush their mouth goes numb for 30 min. But mostly they have steered clear of us hermanas...although this week I had the first prank pulled on me. One of the hermanas that left gave me a bunch of Crystal Light packets that you pour into a water bottle. The elders always told me that I was becoming addicted, and that instead of Crystal Light it was becoming light crystal meth for me...anyway, one day I had some in my water bottle, and each time I wasn't in the room they would add another packet into my drink...it wasn't after about 6 packets of Crystal Light poured into 1 bottle of water that I realized what they were doing. It was so strong!!! I would have been mad, except I felt pretty foolish that it took me that long to catch on. We all had a good chuckle I suppose.

Also, this week I got to meet Elder Wirthlin's daughter Ann Farnsworth. She taught our RS class. So special. I told her how much I loved her father, and she and I talked about him a tiny bit, so it was a neat blessing. He's always been one of my favorites, if that's allowed.

One other funny story this week: I had my first Spanish blunder. It was a big one, too. This was our last week in the TRC, and my comp and I always ask to teach the native Spanish speakers. This week it was a really nice lady from Peru. We were teaching about tithing and I was telling the story about when Mom lived in Puerto Rico and was scared to pay tithing because money was in such short supply. So in Spanish I said, "Mi mama tiene mierda de paga diezmo..." She said, "Que?"...I then repeated myself. Her eyes got really big and she laughed and said "No, no no no!!...Miedo! Diga Miedo." and then she proceeded to laugh and speak very quickly in Spanish. I couldn't understand all of what she said, but I knew I said something way wrong. After we were done teaching, I asked my teacher Hno. Rosales (de Mexico) what this word meant...his response: " **gasp** NO, hermana!" .....long story short, what I said was the equivalent to the sh** word in English...sorry, Mom. Hahahah Sorry to ruin your cool story about tithing, but I'm glad that it happened my last week in the MTC rather than my first week in Chile!


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