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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week Six!

This week I gave my first talk in Spanish. The drill here in our Branch is you prepare a 5 minute talk once a week over a certain subject and then at the beginning of Sacrament Meeting, during the announcements they let you know which missionaries we hear from that week. Well, this week was my lucky week! I gave a 5-ish minute talk in Spanish on prayer. It was neat because I am starting to be able to feel in Spanish. The words are actually starting to carrying some meaning behind them. I could really feel the Spirit as I bore my testimony in Spanish about prayer. I don't think I said everything right, but the feeling was right. :) So that was a landmark Sunday for me I suppose.

I am really learning to have patience with the work. This has been my goal this week. I just love this so much that I want to be an incredible missionary RIGHT NOW! But clearly that will all come with time and practice and experience, so I'm working on being patient with myself. Patience is a big part of this work, at least for me.

I was going to tell you about everyone in my district, but I have run out of time....just know that they are AWESOME. I love these Sisters and Elders. It's our own little MTC family here. We all look out for each other and it's so great. Also, this week my friend Kami Coppins left for her mission in northern Chile, so she will be missed. We got to see each other during meals and we would run together during gym. But she's going to do so great.

I love you all so much. Take care and pray always.

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