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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nothing to complain about….

Mar 12, 2011

Welp, here I am, loving life in Chile.

Thanks for your letters and pictures this week. I loved hearing how everyone is doing. I hope that you all have a great week next week. You are all in my prayers. Thank you for your encouragement and advice and prayers. It means more than you might realize. What can I say, I just love you guys :)

This week we had a great week. Pretty normal, but as you know, normal in the mission is just full of miracles. We feel blessed and well cared for in this sector. The work with the members was a little slower this week, as well as finding new people to teach, but when you put the numbers aside, we had a great week of really great lessons. The only sad thing is that we couldn´t find Orlando AT ALL this week...but even with that we saw miracles. I think sometimes as missionaries we are a little bit like stalkers...jajaja. We passed by everyday this week to try and find him, and he just wasn´t home. However, we did get to teach his brother (menos activo) and his sister (not a member, but is just awesome). So that was great. I hope that we can see some great progress with this family, and really help them all get to church this Sunday. Please pray so that we can find them, especially Orlando.

The other family that we are teaching that is just AWESOME is Juan and Paola...I don´t remember if I have told you about them or not. But they are just great. They are working on getting married. I love this family so much. This week they came to church and loved it and said they are making arrangements so that they can come every Sunday. He bought a tie, and they asked if they could order the Reina Valera Bible and the Triple combination, and the hymnal from the church so that they can be prepared in all the classes...Just so you know I ordered it for them as a surprise. It was really cheap though...like 16 bucks for all of it. And I got their little girl the Book of Mormon picture book that we used to read when we were little. I am excited to give it all to them . They are just so great. His mom is a really active member in another ward and I know that for her, having her son come back to church after almost 30 years of being inactive is just a miracle. I am happy to be a witness of it. It´s really special.

Also, funny story for the week... the other day we got out a collectivo and we heard someone whistling away at us...usually when that happens we just don´t pay any attention to it, but my companion, being new, isn´t quite used to it yet...we exchanged a few eye rolls at each other, thinking that it was some jerk man. A few days later we walked down the street that it happened on and we saw this parrot. Whistling away! HAHAHAHAHA....oh so vain we are :) We didn´t realize that the parrots found us so attractive!

Well, That´s all I have time for. I love you guys. The mission is the best thing that has ever happened to me...except for the Gospel in general, and a family like you guys :) Thank you for the life and love that you have given me. I love you guys so much. I miss you and pray for you always. Thank you for everything.

TONS of abrazos....

-Hermana Bertagnole

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