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Monday, December 13, 2010

Another beautiful week in the mission

Hello there family.

Thank you for the updates, letters, pictures, and videos. They were beautiful. I am glad to hear that Kirk´s funeral went well, (that sounds weird to say, but you know what I mean). I am glad it was a blessed experience, however difficult it may be.

Well, this week was beautiful...not so much weather wise, but it was a beautiful week full of great learning experiences, as usual. I have cried many tears this week. Tears of gratitude more than anything else. Gratitude that I don´t have to be perfect. Gratitude that Jesus Christ takes all that I have and purifies it. He takes our imperfect efforts, struggles, and weaknesses, and in return He us back sanctified, perfected, and pure miracles. I am so grateful for the lessons that I have been learning the last few weeks. It has had a lot to do with a change of mind and attitude, but I can feel myself changing and becoming a little better every day. I am so grateful that that is possible through the Atonement. How blessed we are to know about it and know how to apply it in our lives.

This week we took kind of a blow with some of our investigators. Many are leaving on summer vacations for a couple of months. But with that being said, we are starting to work with a lot of part member families, with is very promising. We had 4 people in the Church this week and all of them were from part member families; 3 husbands of the 3 of the Hermanas, and one of their sons. (I don´t know if that make sense). It was a testimony of the importance of working and focusing more on the family. We are still searching hard for the families that are being prepared to hear this beautiful message.

Ok. Can I just say that I am loving the heck out of my companion? This little Canadian is the best thing since sliced bread. Hermana Byam and I have been talking a lot lately about what we want for this cambio and for our missions in general. We have some great dreams, and visions. We have had some very special moments together, and I know that we support each other well. I feel like we are very compatible. When I´m down, she picks me up, and vice-versa. We work really well and hard together. It´s so great. The Spirit is strong with her. She´s way special. I have been blessed with such great companions in the mission! How did I get so lucky!

Anyway, I´m going to spend more time sending pictures this week, than writing a whole lot. The pictures always do it better justice.

But please know that I LOVE YOU! Thank you for all that you do and have done for me. Thank you a million times over....and I love you a billion times over. I hope that you all are getting as excited for Christmas as I am! I´ll miss you all, but I know that this will be a Christmas that I will remember for my whole life. And don´t worry we have lots of invitations (even from the members in my old ward in Magallanes , such great members.) , so we are well taken care of, so no need to worry about a lonely missionary. :) As for the phone call, we are receiving more details and instructions tomorrow, but I think that we can call the 24, 25, or 26 of December. What would be better for you? I know that we can talk for an hour, and I am pretty sure that we can just go to the house of the members that live in front of us. We´ll double check with all the rules and I´ll send you the details next Monday. CAN¨T WAIT!

LOVE YOU. (Big hugs and kisses)

-Hermana Ricitos de Oro (Goldilocks)....that´s what they finally started calling me in this ward...it´s hilarious because in every ward they have a new nickname for me because they can´t say my name. :) I think this is my fave so far. It´s better than Berta. jajajaja

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