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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hey everybody,

We went to the "campo" this week to visit a member and spend time on their farm/ranch. It is GORGEOUS there!!!!!! But we spent too much time there and now are having to rush to write emails before our meetings start. So I am going to have to make this short. This week was a good one...it had its tough moments, but it had its miracles too.

Like I said last week we are working with a lot of inactives to reactivate. It´s a challenge but a big blessing. I liked A LOT what Dad wrote about every soul counts. It´s very easy to get caught up in the numbers and baptisms, and forget that we can have "bautismos inactivos" tambien. So far we haven´t seen tons of success, but I have faith that these people´s hearts will be softened and they will remember that their covenants should always come first.

I am making lots of friends here in Ancud. We have some great investigators right now. They are so great. This Sunday, however was a little frustrating in the sense that no one really came to Church, but we´re going to visit and inquire as to why tonight and tomorrow. I know this work has its ups and downs, but right now we are trying to just do everything we can and be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. I feel like the time goes incredibly fast here. It scares me. Honestly, when I was in the MTC, I thought...."wow, a whole day to do nothing but preach the Gospel! We´ll be able to get so much done!"....and right now is seems like a day lasts for about 30 minutes. I cannot believe how fast it goes. We are trying to focus this week on making EVERY minute count, and have more short and powerful lessons.

The weather is getting pretty cold (colder) here. But because we are so near to the ocean, we don´t see snow ever. It rains pretty frequently, but the good news about that is that we see rainbows casi cada dia!!!!! Son lindos. Mom, we did a good job shopping for clothes. I stay pretty warm. Sometimes when it rains really hard the water gets in under my two coats, but for the most part that´s unavoidable. The mission gives us waterproofs, but I am still waiting for my size to come in...I am hoping that this week during interviews with pres. they´ll bring them! Cross your fingers. Oh, and the withdrawals from my bank account are correct. I bought a pair of extra boots. I don´t really use my other shoes right now, it´s too cold. So I got another pair of boots. My comp bought some too, but I paid for them with my card, and then she paid me back when we got to the house. So that´s why there are two.

Also, I lost my agenda this week, which is also really sad. I am hoping that someone will give it back someday in the street. Pray for it. I know it sounds lame, but that had some really good and important stuff in it. Ugh. I´m lame sometimes :) But I am keeping the faith that I will find it!!!!!

Sorry I can´t write much this week, but as for the pictures: the ones with the puppies were today in the campo with Familia Huencher. She is the RS president and she is the bomb.com :) I may or may not bring a Chilean puppy home. Oh, the other picture is of a door that we tried to knock, but we didn´t have much success there. :)

That is all for now. Thank you all again for your letters. I love hearing from you all. You all are the best!!!! Thank you for your prayers and examples.

Until next week.
Hna. Bertagnole

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