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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I am officially in my second cambio...que loco!!!

Well family! I am glad glad glad to hear that all is going well. Geeze...Mom, I´m so glad that all went well with your surgery. PLEASE keep me posted. I love you, and am praying for you tons. And please tell Sis. Sweeney that I´m praying for her and she is in my thoughts often. Also, please let Sis. Cobourn know that I´m thinking of her and her family and saying some prayers for them. It sounds like this week was a crazy busy week. But I am also glad to hear that everything went ok. I love you all so much. Thank you for your letters. They are so great to read on p days!

We have many new investigators this week that we are beginning to teach. We have so many right now it´s difficult to teach them all as often as we should. We are trying to use the Lord´s time very wisely to make sure that no one is missed. It´s a good work. We are trying to help everyone understand the importance of keeping their commitments to read and pray. That is really the key. We can´t gain their testimony for them. But we are teaching this lady that works at a bakery that we always stop by on Pdays. She asked us one day when we were going to come by and visit her! We went this week twice and she came to church yesterday, and she is so great!!!! Her name is Gladis. She is 53 years old and her is so so sweet. She always calls us "mi amor". She is so perfect. And she loves reading! We stop by the bakery more often now to see her, and she always gives us treats...it´s so stinking cute! I love her so much. AND we set a goal for her baptism with her for 17 De Julio!!

Chile won two games this week in La Mudial....it´s pretty much a huge deal. The second victory was this morning, and the roar in the streets let us know that they won. It was pretty funny. They were going nuts. "Algaravia!" A new vocab word I learned this week. I don´t know exactly how to translate it in English, but I know it´s a word for the champions :)

Other news this week that´s pretty great is our branch had a "chow de talentos" for Dia de Papa, and I participated twice! One was the missionaries (the four of us) sang a song. And my own personal talent was telling a joke....Yes it was legit. It went a little something like this "Como se llama un oso que le gusta decir chistes?....CHISTOSO!!!!" Bahahaha. They loved it...the crowd went wild :) I won a prize for it, don´t worry :) We were all cracking up at how ridiculous it was...Way funny.

All my clothes are working great. Also the mission gives us impermeables (water proof jacket and skirt), but I´m still waiting for my size to come in. But still I manage to stay very dry and warm. I think I am going to use some of my birthday money to buy another pair of boots. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my boots. They are water proof and warm, but I am scared that if I wear them everyday I´m going to wear them out before the mission is over, so I think I´m going to buy another pair so I can alternate them everyother day. But yeah, the weather isn´t a huge issue, only when people decided not to come to church because it is raining. Boo. No one really has cars. We walk pretty much everywhere. There are 2 people with cars in our rama. I get a good work out every day :) Lots of hills, too.

Anyway, that´s all I have time to write this week, we have to go buy food before pday is over... wa wa wa

Oh, but I have to explain the photos: One is with this old man in our rama...his name is Pasqual and he is hilarious....he sings hymns while he mops the floors of the church...He always tells us to stop drinking and smoking. :) I love him. The other is a picture of my bracelet. All the cool kids here have this bracelet. :) They are about 25 cents each and they are leather cord. I am sending the cord home for friends and family so they can be like all of us cool kids here in Chile :) but I sent a picture so you can see how it´s done. They come in all sorts of colors so I hope you all enjoy :) Yay Chile :)

I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! Take care and be happy. I am learning lots. Lots of patience. This is a beautiful, beautiful experience. I love you all. Thank you for the letters.


-Hermana Bertagnole

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