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Saturday, March 13, 2010

First letter home

Hola familia! well, the enter key on the keyboard isn't working so forgive :) also the computers took awhile to set this up so i only have 16 minutes left to write...normally we get half an hour to do it, but today's will have to be short. I can recieve emails from anyone on my lds.mail, but I can only write family. So Momma, if you want to post my email on my blog go ahead, but I would encourage everyone writing me to just use dearelder.com because I get the letters each day at dinner time :) which I love! Well, enough with the boring stuff...I LOVE THE MTC!!!! Can you believe that I have been here a week. I can already contact people in Spanish, pray in Spanish, bear my testimony in Spanish, and by the end of tonight I should be able to teach the 1st lesson in 3-5 minutes in Spanish. Wow. The learning curve here is nuts! I love it. Wednesday-Saturday were packed full of classes and then Saturday night we met our branch pres. They are great! We bore our testimony and told why we decided to go on a mission, and my heart was pounding harder than it ever has...and it wasn't because I was nervous. I just really felt like what I was doing was so right for me. Sunday we had church and all sorts of meetings and interviews. I decided awhile ago that I wanted to strengthen my testimony of Joseph Smith, and I have been working on that for awhile. I kept praying for that on Sunday, and Sunday night we watched the Joseph Smith movie. There was a quote in in that said "The Lord calls us in our weakness, and qualifies us for his work." At that point I felt so close to the Prophet. It was such a great experience, and I feel like it really strengthened my testimony of that great man. Yesterday, we got to teach for the first time. My awesome companion and I did really well. It was so much fun and I felt so excited to share this great message with a man named Napoleon. :) Lets see 5 minutes left....today is our p-day and we got to go to the temple. So good. I really understood so much, and then when we were done, I remember feeling so excited to put my name badge on :) hahah I love being a missionary. Well, in closing. My companion is great. Her name is Hna. Larkin. We also have 2 other hnas in out district and we all share a room. we all have really different personalities, but we get along well. anywho. I love you guys so much!!!! Thanks so much for making this possible for me. This church is true and our Heavenly Father love us so much. He is so mindful of us and our prayers. I'll try and send pictures next week. Sorry for none this week, but the computers were being crazy and it was a very busy p.day. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU, but I am so so happy. Until next week. :) oh and p.s. my mailbox # is 145. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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