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Friday, February 12, 2010

the ingredients of a really good day...

7:24: woke up

7:31: ate biscuits and eggs for breakfast

8:12: snuggled back under the covers and watched the o.c. clips and beyonce-irreplacable music video on youtube

8:34: make my bed

8:44: work-out

9:53: shower

10:04: put my hair in a messy-bun with a hot-hot pink headband (my fave)

10:19: dance around my room and jam to ghetto-cowboy

10:26: put make-up on

10:30: put on my sweats

10:35: sort laundry and start a load of whites

10:43: enjoy some valentine chocolate from my visiting teachers

10:44: study preach my gospel

10:55: eric and kristie and the babies come over to get the van

11:26: study more preach my gospel

12:20: talk to jimmy on the phone

1:03: finish reading "A Child and a Disciple" by Elder Henry B. Eyring

1:14: email my peeps

1:26: eat lunch with momma and the babies

1:59: elle pooped her pants. it was a messy ordeal. we didn't have the diaper bag at the house, ergo, no new diaper. so we had to improvise. yes, that is a purple hand towel. this could be the last time mom and i get to babysit :)

2:38: play thomas the train with "grandma brendi" and ethan. we played a little bit of bob the builder, but ethy wasn't feelin it...

3:54: put pictures from my phone onto my computer

3:57: pick out pictures of family, friends, kansas sunsets, etc. to bring on my mission

4:27: print pictures at kinkos

5:05: go to best buy

5:37: go to wal-mart

6:15: talk to stephanie on the phone

6:31: go back to best buy and get the outlet adapter that i forgot the first time i was there

6:55: go to papa johns and pick up a large hawaiian chicken pizza, then head home to enjoy it

8:02: go back out to price chopper to pick up some hot fudge for vancouver sundays. i saw my neighbor while there, and we small talked.

8:33: eat a few bites of momma's sunday (these sundays are different than our famous beijing sundays...this olympics we added heath bits...hence the new name of vancouver sundays vs. beijing sundays.)

8:49: get on the elliptical and burn off all the calories i have eaten today. i do this as i watch the opening ceremony of the olympics!

9:05: take a break from the elliptical and stare ooglly-eyed at chelsea's new engagement pics that she got taken today--they look sooo good!

9:43: work out some more

10:46: crack up at this video with my dad (click here if you want a good laugh)

11:01: love the fact that steve nash--canadian celebrity--helped light the olympic torch

11:20: get ready for bed

now: make this post, then read some more before putting the head to the pillow

what a good day

sidenote: i finished all my mission shopping today!!! (hopefully, i didn't forget anything, but after all this shopping, i really don't see how i could have.)

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  1. WOW!!!!!! It sounds like you had an eventful day. I wish I was there to try Vancouver Sundaes! Because Beijing Sundaes are soooo good. You'll have to make me some before you leave. love you much!